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Risk assessment

The project Risk assessment of the work environment was carried out in 2000 and 2001.  These companies have participated in the project:

  • Elkem Aluminium
  • Hydro Aluminium Metal Products
  • Kubikenborg Aluminium

The main object of the project was to improve the work environment at the member plants with systematic use of risk assessment including planning, accomplishment and verification of action.  The project had the following aims:

  • Work out a manual to the use of the plants
  • Carry out training and pilot studies at EA Lista, HA ┼rdal and HA Sunndal
  • Work out an ergonomic model which is included in the manual
  • Develop Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for work environment.

Project activities
The activities were carried out according to schedule.

Manual (for Risk Assessment of Work Environment)
A manual is produced (approx. 80 pages + appendices) jointly with  the Research Centre of Norsk Hydro, AMS and the plants.  The Hydro version and the AMS version are identical.

Superior aims and schemes (directed towards the top management)

Planning, accomplishment and adoption of surveys (directed towards the line management and health service)

Description of method (directed towards health, environment and  safety staff)

Manual for risk assessment and presentation of results are at the moment developed for:

  • Chemical substances
  • Noise and vibration
  • Heat stress
  • Radiation
  • Ergonomics

The manual (as a tool) gives a good general view of the work environment and is thorough.  The manual satisfies the requirements of the authorities to risk assessment

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