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AMS was established 1st March 1976.  6 companies with 10 primary aluminium smelters in Iceland, Sweden and Norway and 1 aluminium refinery in Norway are to-day part of AMS.

AMS is an organisation based on projects within the field of working environment, emission and effects on human species and the ecological system.

The General Assembly is  our top organ.  Plant directors and employee representatives from the aluminium smelters plus representatives from the top management of the two largest companies and Industri Energi (Norwegian union for the employees) participate.

A board of 9 members supervises the daily doings.  The board consists of 4 plant directors, 4 representatives from the employees and 1 expert on health, safety and environment (HSE).

The board is the steering committee for projects within the AMS.
A secretariat co-ordinates the projects.

By-laws may be loaded down from here.

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