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Observation - Communication

The project Observation and communication training started 1st May 2004 and terminated March 2005.  Participating companies:

  • Elkem Aluminium
  • Hydro Aluminium
  • Alcan á Íslandi
  • Norðurál
  • Kubikenborg Aluminium
  • Sør-Norge Aluminium
  • Vigeland Metal Refinery

90 % of our unwanted incidents are due to risky behaviour. 85 % of the actions are, however, used to find technical solutions.  Observations of execution, with focus on safe behaviour and message back of what was observed, are a central part in the behaviourbased safety work. The companies that have started to use the technique in behaviourbased safety work, where communication and observation are important parts, have had a positive development.  We are short of good tools for training in observation and communication. Constantly various employees must execute observations and give messages back as an important part to involve the employees in this work.  The training in how this should be done to give the greatest effect, is insufficient.

Production of an interactive video in use for training in observation and communication techniques with focus on safe behaviour.

A drafting committee was appointed.  The drafting committee was responsible for production of a video and an instruction book which were ready-made in March 2005.  The video with the title “Why care?”, is avvailable without cost for the members of AMS.  It is in three versions - Norwegian, Islandic and Swedish and may be ordered from
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Why care?

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