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Fluorides - working environment

Fluorides in the working atmosphere - Co-worker exposure and reduction by use of online instrument
started in December 2012 and will end in December 2013

Participating plants:

  • Rio Tinto Alcan ß ═slandi
  • Alcoa Fjar­aßl
  • Alcoa Lista
  • Alcoa Mosj°en
  • Hydro Aluminium H°yanger
  • Hydro Aluminium Karm°y
  • Hydro Aluminium Sunndal
  • Hydro Aluminium ┼rdal
  • Hydro Vigelands Brug
  • Kubikenborg Aluminium
  • S°r-Norge Aluminium

In the project Reduction of fluoride exposure in the aluminium industry from 2011 we learned that introduction and use of PIMEX required more work than expected.  One result of this was that only 4 plants carried out measurements with the HF monitor. The project showed that measurements with PIMEX and HF monitor contribute positively to direct efforts toward actions for working operations with high exposures.


  • All plants as active users of online instrument (PIMEX)
  • Share knowledge in using the measurment equipment and experiences connected to improvement actions.

Equipment and practice - experience sharing
Exposure levels for selected activities and situations:

  • Choose actual situations and activities from SOPs
  • Establish measuring programme
  • Demonstrate exposure levels for today situations
  • Demonstrate exposure levels on changed terms
  • Assess effects and lasting measure based on measurements.


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