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Fluorid exposure

Reduction of fluoride exposure in the aluminium industry included basis for short time exposure limit for fluorides
started 1st January 2011 and was terminated 31st December 2011.
Final report may be loaded here

Participating plants:

  • Alcan ß ═slandi
  • Alcoa Fjar­aßl
  • Alcoa Lista
  • Alcoa Mosj°en
  • Hydro Aluminium H°yanger
  • Hydro Aluminium Karm°y
  • Hydro Aluminium Sunndal
  • Hydro Aluminium ┼rdal
  • Kubikenborg Aluminium
  • S°r-Norge Aluminium
  • Vigeland Metal Refinery

In connection with revision of exposure limits in Norway the Labour Inspection Authority has requested the industry to carry out a project to procure data as basis for establishment of short time limits for fluorides. It is requested to accomplish a survey on jobs with possibilities of high levels of short time exposures and where accomplishment of action may be necessary. In addition to the recommendation about short time limits, risk reducing actions and possibly establishment of action limits will be assessed.  It is assumed that high instant values and high short time exposures are significant for 8 hours values.

Through specific actions to reduce short time and 8 hours exposure of fluorides in the work atmosphere.  Identify, compare and visualise jobs with high exposure to obtain data to determine short time limits for fluorides.

Project activities

Phase 1
January ľ September 2011

  • Sum up historical measurements for HF and particulate fluoride.  Include 8-hours and short time measurements.
  • Identify jobs with high exposure in use of risk assessment, existing measurements and PIMEX.
  • Carry out measurements at selected jobs.
  • Assemble and assess data.
  • Assess need and possibly specify a phase 2.


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